September 9, 2009

Hello everyone!

I haven’t wrote on this blog in awhile. Sorry about that but this blog just seems to old. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should start another one. Fresh blog, fresh ideas, fresh mindset. I’ll consider that idea this week.

Anyways, on MS…
I hit 181 yesterday and gained an additional 32%. I also Zakked and HTed this week. My Macbook allows me to go on both with absolutely no lag. A simple alt+tab in between prelim heads for HT and it’s fine. I hope to continue my leveling and hopefully focus on it. Wandering into the FM or trying to boss while I’m in training mode never seems to work out.

I have to call it a night a bit early. It’s 2:15AM and I just finished my Ethics paper. I really should get some sleep for my 9AM Ethics class and 10AM Science+Religion class. I hope to come up with a decision as of this Sunday evening. Good bye for now =]



July 29, 2009

With the EXP curve, I reached to level 170 from 160 relatively easy.
The patch for Knights of Cygnus, Maker Skill, and the removal of the EXP curve is currently on the way but I will be leaving everything on hold. That’s right, I’ve been amassing DEX, POWER, and LUCK Crystals and Ores along with Diamonds, Jewels, Time Pieces, and Masks. All to cash in when Pink Bean trial runs begin and to sell for inflated prices when Maker skill becomes available.

However, I will be holding off on all of the new features and focus on another secret project of mine. I won’t say publicly what it is but it is absolutely worth it. I hope to update this blog much more frequently and I hope all my fellow bloggers get back into doing so too.


Lol, late updates.

March 26, 2009

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog in a very long time.

I guess you could say a lot of things happened and I left this blog sort of abruptly.
Quitted all my characters and I come on just for some bossing on my Bowmaster during extended breaks but other than that, I’ve completely quit Maple Story. I had the desire to come back and start a Gunslinger but that got boring after awhile.

I’ve been getting back into sports and working out, just the way I was before I got sucked into Maple Story. I’ve been into the NFL season from start to finish for the first time in nearly 3 years and I’m really into the NFL and the March Madness lately. I’m wishing the best for Villanova pulling an upset victory over Duke University and the Boston Celtics to defending their 08′ championship despite dropping from the top seed recently to the third seed after their loss to the Orlando Magics.

Involvement in church and “life” I guess you could say, as opposed to “Maple life” has been so much better. I went to the Lighthouse Spring Break and while it wasn’t life changing or anything like that but it was a good way to spend fellowship and meet a lot of other Christians in the area and make my life in Maryland a lot more manageable. I don’t go out as often and I’ve been a lot more responsible these days. I drink a lot less ever since this spring break, I’ve been getting into fights with just about everyone because of my angry, drunk mood swings. I quit smoking too and I noticed that it’s making me so irritable and what people call my “nicotine-withdrawal PMS.” I can’t say I disagree, I’ve been really bitchy but once I get over it, I hope it won’t be as bad.

My grades have been picking up. Last semester was a F, C, B, B, C and at the moment, my second semester grades are roughly an A, B, B/C, A/B, and my mid-semester class just started so I’m not really sure about that at the moment but I hope it turns out well. Lately, it feels good to have dilemmas over simple things. Instead of struggling to try and quit cigarettes or continue playing Maple Story, the biggest dilemma I had to think about was whether I should get a Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce, jersey or a Miami Heats, Dwyane Wade, jersey. Every time I watch Dwyane Wade play, I feel so compelled to get his jersey because of what an amazing player he is but then I can’t help but go with my 6 year old love for the Boston Celtics. Especially Paul Pierce. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are all Hall of Famers in their own respects but Paul Pierce is the one player who stuck with the Celtics through the reconstruction of a failing franchise to pull through for the 2008 NBA championships and the franchise’s 17th championship

Anyways, I have an art assignment to do and I’m watching the Chicago play the Heats so I’ll end this blog entry here. Whether or not I’ll keep writing here or move to another blog is still undecided but yeah. I’m still alive guys! lols =]



November 15, 2008

I neglected to update BootCamp onto my computer leaving me unable to go on MS.

Character-wise, I have a somewhat interesting idea coming up. I won’t say anything on my blog but anyone is free to ask me on MSN or MS (During Thanksgiving Break). I’ll be working on gathering some equips and vending but this Thanksgiving Break, I plan on ensuring that I can get BootCamp on my Macbook. I really like this idea and I hope to actually stick to it. Stick to it as in get to 3rd job at the minimum.
My F/P, DrK, Paladin, RK- using Hero all ended up flops being levels 11, 36, 27, 26 respectively haha fail. But we’ll see what happens :]



November 11, 2008




October 27, 2008

My Windows XP laptop has a problem with our school’s ethernet cable connection because of the lack of an anti-virus program. I don’t think I can go on MS for awhile and although it sucks, I guess it’s for the best? I don’t really wanna quit but I do need to focus more. My visit home wasn’t the best, I got sick and couldn’t do anything but go on the computer for a little bit and sleep. I came back to shyMAYHEM to play a BM again.

I switched to a Top and Bottom since I sold my Overall. A 18 Str, White Piette Top and a 16 Dex, Red Legolier Bottom and a 3/115 Nisrock. I should reset some Str but it can come later.
shyMAYHEM equips is as the following:
– 15Str / 32Dex / 15Lck / 16Int Z-helm
– 22Str / 22Dex / 22Lck / 22Int HT Pendant
– 15 SCG
– 2/6 FS
– 4/8 PAC
– 18Str Top
– 16Dex Bot
– 12Dex Earrings
– 3/115 Nis
– 6Dex Face
I really wanna gather mesos for a 8Dex Face and a 16-17 Glove, maybe even try and get my 117 Nis back but so expensive. We’ll see what happens ^_^ 

Not so much MS, but I’ve been thinking a lot about church. I haven’t gone in a some-what 2 months, and I regret it in one way but I don’t see myself going back. Taking a Philosophy class, I learnt to question what was taught and I began thinking about Christianity more and a lot of people say that it can cripple a person’s belief in religion. Maybe it just made me more of an independent thinker, but I don’t see myself going back to my church in Maryland. Whether it’s because I rather not see certain people, or God himself, whatever happens happens.


Visit home.

October 20, 2008

I’m planning on taking the last of my exams within the next 2 days and going off to home.

> Computer Science Lecture Midterm
> English Midterm Part 2
> English Assignment Due

> CRMJ class + Discussion Board Replies
> Philosophy Exam on the Symposium, The Trial and Death of Socrates, and De Anima.
> Political Science Exam

I really miss Korean food and having free time to going on MS. My Spearman is currently at level 31 but I didn’t have a chance to get on to grind. I did obtain a really nice 12/123 Pinaka and I’m hoping to get to level 50 hopefully around Wintertime. But this trip home, I really wanna see how everyone is doing. I might even go to church and see how everyone is and see some friends. I guess it’s because I’m an introvert and I get shy even from people I’ve seen/known for a long time, I get shy and I try to avoid them haha. I also haven’t been to church in like two months? I guess I kind of miss it so this visit will be good I hope.

Although if I see my ex again, I hope I don’t lose it because it ticked me off what happened. Well, it’s already 1:35AM so I’m going to study but I’ll see everyone soon when I hope on MS. By the way, can anyone look around for a 121-124 Weapon Attack Faltizan/Pinaka? I’m offering a good price depending on its stats so look around my friends ;3 I’m sure Scania has some awesome Spears.
(This means you Jackk, Kevo)